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    Play value appropriate for children and lovingly crafted functional design

    goki is the name of the brand for high-quality toys at a fair price, ensuring that excellent toys remain affordable. 

    Wherever families come together, that's where goki is at home. Play value appropriate for children, lovingly crafted functional design and contemporary colours are the distinguishing features of the brand. Good wooden toys are essential for the development and retention of motor, sensory and tactile skills.

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    Picture of My first workbench

    My first workbench

    ден 2.990,00
    Picture of Balance Board natur, Half Moon
    Picture of Balance Board, Wave

    Balance Board, Wave

    ден 4.890,00
    Picture of Wheelbarrow


    ден 4.990,00
    Picture of Rainbow building blocks

    Rainbow building blocks

    ден 3.950,00
    Picture of Parking garage

    Parking garage

    ден 6.190,00
    Picture of Doll's high chair with table, 2in1
    Picture of Blender - Goki

    Blender - Goki

    ден 1.890,00
    Picture of Colour and shape sorting game
    Picture of Seal, push-along animal

    Seal, push-along animal

    ден 1.490,00
    Picture of Push-along helicopter

    Push-along helicopter

    ден 1.240,00
    Picture of Toaster - Goki 51507

    Toaster - Goki 51507

    ден 1.690,00
    Picture of Knight's castle ball track

    Knight's castle ball track

    (3-6 years)
    ден 3.290,00
    Picture of Dolphin balancing game of skill

    Dolphin balancing game of skill

    Забавна игра за целото семејство.
    ден 1.160,00
    Picture of Crane


    ден 5.990,00
    Picture of Toucan, push-along animal

    Toucan, push-along animal

    ден 1.290,00
    Picture of Hammer bench, goki basic.

    Hammer bench, goki basic.

    ден 1.170,00
    Picture of Dump truck

    Dump truck

    ден 2.490,00
    Picture of Клацкалка коњче - GOKI
    Picture of Activity cube

    Activity cube

    ден 3.290,00
    Picture of Doll´s bed with bedding and canopy
    Picture of Flexible puppets - Bear dress-up box, Benna & Bennoh
    Picture of Doll's cradle with bedding

    Doll's cradle with bedding

    ден 4.150,00
    Picture of Coffee machine

    Coffee machine

    ден 1.890,00
    Picture of Workbench - Goki - 58501

    Workbench - Goki - 58501

    ден 2.490,00
    Picture of Car racetrack, with 3 cars

    Car racetrack, with 3 cars

    ден 2.390,00
    Picture of Sort Box

    Sort Box

    ден 1.550,00
    Picture of Train Bern, goki nature

    Train Bern, goki nature

    ден 4.290,00
    Picture of Train Amsterdam, goki nature

    Train Amsterdam, goki nature

    Train Vancouver, goki nature
    ден 2.190,00
    Picture of Воз од дрво - Лондон
    Picture of Train Orlando

    Train Orlando

    ден 1.890,00
    Picture of Goki - Mixer

    Goki - Mixer

    ден 1.690,00
    Picture of Goki - Toaster

    Goki - Toaster

    ден 1.690,00
    Picture of Xmanis Stacking men, goki nature
    Picture of Guitar


    ден 4.390,00
    Picture of Solitaire


    ден 1.230,00
    Picture of Pedal car red ( 1938 )

    Pedal car red ( 1938 )

    High quality nostalgic pedal car.
    ден 15.900,00
    Picture of Metal scale

    Metal scale

    ден 3.590,00
    Picture of Ludo board game, goki basic.

    Ludo board game, goki basic.

    A popular and classic dice game. The special thing about this ludo game is that the board can be altered according to the number of players.
    ден 1.690,00
    Picture of Ludo board game, goki basic.

    Ludo board game, goki basic.

    This classic dice games offers fun for the whole family.
    ден 1.290,00
    Picture of Pedal car green ( 1939 )

    Pedal car green ( 1939 )

    ден 15.900,00
    Picture of Xylophone


    Со песнарка и со обоени плочки, коишто овозможуваат побрзо учење на песните.
    ден 1.890,00
    Picture of Xylophone - Goki

    Xylophone - Goki

    Со обоени плочки, коишто овозможуваат побрзо учење на песните.
    ден 1.490,00
    Picture of Xylophone with 15 tunes

    Xylophone with 15 tunes

    The coloured keys help to learn the first tones.
    ден 2.150,00
    Picture of Balancing game moon

    Balancing game moon

    He lies quietly. But you need a steady hand to place as many pieces on the moon as possible.
    ден 1.090,00
    Picture of Traffic signs assortment I

    Traffic signs assortment I

    The traffic signs avoid accidents. Good for learning the meaning of each sign.
    ден 1.130,00
    Picture of Traffic signs set II

    Traffic signs set II

    The traffic signs avoid accidents. Good for learning the meaning of each sign.
    ден 1.390,00
    Picture of Ride-on vehicle white

    Ride-on vehicle white

    ден 8.300,00
    Picture of Ride-on vehicle navy

    Ride-on vehicle navy

    ден 8.300,00
    Picture of Ride-on vehicle silver

    Ride-on vehicle silver

    ден 8.300,00
    Picture of Ride-on vehicle red Goki 14135
    Picture of Ride-on vehicle black

    Ride-on vehicle black

    ден 8.300,00
    Picture of Raven, push-along animal

    Raven, push-along animal

    ден 1.390,00
    Picture of Frog king, push-along animal
    Picture of Duck, push-along animal, Susibelle
    Picture of Pelican, push-along animal

    Pelican, push-along animal

    ден 1.240,00
    Picture of Push-along animal, ladybird Florah
    Picture of Drum - Rainbow

    Drum - Rainbow

    ден 2.290,00
    Picture of Ukulele


    ден 1.870,00
    Picture of Building blocks, goki nature
    Picture of Cement mixer

    Cement mixer

    ден 1.690,00
    Picture of My Farm

    My Farm

    ден 5.340,00
    Picture of Fruit with velcro

    Fruit with velcro

    ден 1.130,00
    Picture of Vegetables with velcro

    Vegetables with velcro

    ден 1.130,00
    Picture of Scale with metal dishes

    Scale with metal dishes

    ден 2.190,00
    Picture of Fruit in a basket

    Fruit in a basket

    ден 1.690,00
    Picture of Fruit and vegetables in basket
    Picture of Calculate sticks, glazed

    Calculate sticks, glazed

    ден 3.390,00
    Picture of Tumbling tower Rainbow

    Tumbling tower Rainbow

    ден 1.050,00
    Picture of Marble run - construction set
    Picture of Till for the grocer's store

    Till for the grocer's store

    ден 4.360,00
    Picture of Till for the grocer's store with crank and bell
    Picture of Bead maze

    Bead maze

    ден 1.360,00
    Picture of Sort game - learn to count with wooden rings
    Picture of Sort colours

    Sort colours

    ден 1.160,00
    Picture of The 4 towers, shapes and colours sorting game
    Picture of Cuddle cloth duck, le petit
    Picture of Number puzzle 0-9

    Number puzzle 0-9

    ден 680,00
    Picture of Alphabet puzzle

    Alphabet puzzle

    ден 670,00
    Picture of Counting frame

    Counting frame

    ден 420,00
    Picture of Counting frame 58926

    Counting frame 58926

    ден 1.290,00
    Picture of Learn-to lace shoe

    Learn-to lace shoe

    ден 720,00
    Picture of Mercedes Benz Sprinter, 1:34-39, L= 11,6 cm

    Mercedes Benz Sprinter, 1:34-39, L= 11,6 cm

    Цената се однесува на 1 парче.
    ден 630,00
    Picture of Suitcase Doll's house with accessories
    Picture of Drum


    ден 2.290,00
    Picture of Triangle 11cm

    Triangle 11cm

    ден 350,00
    Picture of Kendama blue

    Kendama blue

    ден 430,00
    Picture of Helicopter - Goki

    Helicopter - Goki

    ден 1.290,00
    Picture of Memo game, feel-a-pair

    Memo game, feel-a-pair

    ден 890,00
    Picture of Accessories Kitchen

    Accessories Kitchen

    ден 690,00
    Picture of Accessories - baking

    Accessories - baking

    ден 690,00
    Picture of Hand mixer inclusive bowl

    Hand mixer inclusive bowl

    ден 1.690,00
    Picture of Pull-along cart with 20 building blocks
    Picture of Spinning top track

    Spinning top track

    ден 4.390,00
    Picture of Vespa 125 cc (Welly)

    Vespa 125 cc (Welly)

    ден 550,00
    Picture of FIAT 126, L= 15 cm (Welly)

    FIAT 126, L= 15 cm (Welly)

    ден 1.490,00
    Picture of Building blocks in a wooden box
    Picture of Forklift truck

    Forklift truck

    ден 4.190,00
    Picture of Dump truck, goki nature

    Dump truck, goki nature

    ден 4.320,00
    Picture of Furniture for flexible puppets, kitchen