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    SASSI Junior is an innovative publisher who specialises in children’s books devoted to ecology in both content and materials. Their books and educational toys, printed on recycled paper with environmentally friendly inks, are a popular choice for anyone seeking unique, high-quality and safe items for children of all ages.

    “Learning has never been so fun!” This is the philosophy of Sassi Junior, a publishing house for children, characterised by a fresh and innovative editorial line, specialising in game books. Our publications are divided into two main series: Sassi Junior and Sassi Science.

    Sassi Junior, dedicated to children up to 5 years of age, offers themes and formats suited to a very young child’s interests, both  engaging and educational. Sassi Science is addressed to older children, from 6 to 10 years old, and is characterised by more advanced educational content, spanning history to geography and the natural sciences.

    The illustrated books contain information presented in a clear, entertaining way and are accompanied by puzzles, pop-ups or models to construct. All Sassi Junior products are designed to offer young readers innovative and continuous learning opportunities, and parents the guarantee of high-quality products.

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    Слика на The Dream Gardener

    The Dream Gardener

    This beautiful story will inspire a lifelong love of reading and shows how books nurture limitless imagination.
    ден 790,00
    Слика на Houses of the World – Cardboard Playhouse plus Book

    Houses of the World – Cardboard Playhouse plus Book

    In your house, you eat, sleep, play and do many other things in the kitchen, bathroom, sitting room and bedroom. How do people live in the other parts of the world?
    ден 1.690,00
    Слика на Learn All About... Science!

    Learn All About... Science!

    Original illustrations, experiments and games everyone will love, as well as a detailed DNA model, make this set truly unique!
    ден 1.240,00
    Слика на Hey! I Can Read

    Hey! I Can Read

    Learn the alphabet by playing with this fantastic pull-and-play book! Read the letters, then pull the page and find the animals hidden underneath!
    ден 890,00
    Слика на Let's Hug

    Let's Hug

    A charming story about the importance of affection and physical contact with the people we love.
    ден 890,00
    Слика на The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Die-Cut Reading)

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Die-Cut Reading)

    Wonderful illustrations created with precise laser technology will transport readers on a journey with Dorothy and her friends.
    ден 790,00
    Слика на Peter Pan

    Peter Pan

    A new edition of a great classic filled with refined and elegant illustrations.
    ден 1.090,00 ден 760,00